Juruda Music

The Magic Queen

The Magic Queen – is Juruda Music´s debut album. It contains nine songs about love in a broad sense and a general wonder of life. Text and music are written in collaboration between Juruda the lead singer and keyboard player Lars Boutrup.

The music is smooth pop/rock with wide keyboard sounds, tight bottom of drums, bass and guitar. Above it all is the soft clean vocals of the singer Juruda, with her natural ability to go straight to the heart. The songs are a unique mix between pop and rock with a hint of folk, along with a with a new age new age kind of laid-back style.

Listen to

  • Starting from Scratch

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  • Sweet Loving Lady

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  • Lost Time

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  • A Different Game

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  • Blue Shades

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  • As the Story Goes

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  • The Magic Queen

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  • Shine

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  • Checking out

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  • The Magic Queen outro


Line up The Magic Queen

Lars Boutrup - Keyboards

Lars Boutrup


Spike Nior - Drums

Spike Nior


Juruda - vocals



Søren Dall - Bass

Søren Dall


Tin soheili - Guitars

Tin Soheili


Cover notes

  • Produced by Bendtsen & Boutrup
  • Co-produced by Thomas Brekling
  • Mixed by Thomas Brekling
  • All songs written by Juruda Bendtsen & Lars Boutrup
  • All songs arranged by Juruda Music
  • Recorded at Granny Studio by Thomas Brekling
  • Mastering by Flemming Hansson at Sweep Productions
  • Special Guest: Niels Vincentz plays saxphone and flute on Shine
  • Band photos by: Carsten Nielsen - Other photos by: Robin Design
  • Cover art by: Robin design
  • Orignal sound recordings made by Ex´cess Records 2008


  • Jørgen Topp, Claus Toft, Niels Vincentz
  • Agnete Boutrup, Karin Axelsen, Gunnar Cleemann
  • Lars Overgaard, Simon Baldorf, Michael Miller, Andy
  • Souha Ghadban, Gert Bach, Johnny Bendtsen
  • Laila Frederiksen, Fredrik and Ulrik Sunesen
  • The Danish Artist Union and Native Instruments
  • Special thanks: Rasmus Jørgensen for the Brüel & Kjær
  • Alfred Peter Hansen for hospitality and inspiration
  • Jimmy Larsen at Larsen Backline, Carsten Nielsen
  • Kirsten Nersting, Jeanne Betak, Henrik Szymanski
  • Theis Thorup, Thomas Thorens and Thomas Brekling for the good spirit