Juruda Music

Whispers of Doom

Whispers of Doom is an album for people who like well played pop rock with a mix of rich, lush vocals, a great tight playing band and artistic excellence. Additionally it´s a creation leaving room for the sexy, the cool, the loving and the sly – as well as the tender.

Sometimes there´s even a hint of subtle humor, as in the single hit: In Store for Him. Binding it all together in a beautiful whole are the special Juruda Music sound and the will to create honest and capturing music.

Listen to

  • No Way to Resist Him

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  • A River of Tears

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  • Dancing Tonight

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  • Lovers´ reality

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  • In Store for Him

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  • Sometimes

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  • A Beautiful Night

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  • Whispers Of Doom

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  • Do it for Love

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Line up Whispers of Doom

Lars Boutrup - Keyboards

Lars Boutrup


Spike Nior - Drums

Spike Nior


Juruda - vocals



Søren Dall - Bass

Søren Dall


Jacob Rønne - Guitars

Jacob Rønne


Cover notes

  • All songs written by Bendtsen & Boutrup All songs arranged by Juruda Music
  • Produced by Bendtsen & Boutrup
  • Co-produced by Finn Jansen
  • Recorded and mixed at Rörström by Finn Jansen
  • Additional vocals and keyboards recorded at Yello House Studio
  • Mastering at Sweep Productions by Flemming Hansson
  • Cover art: Robin design - Cover photos: Robin Design - Band photos: Jacob Fox
  • Cover make-up: Lone Florin Jessen - Band photos make-up: Carina Reheimer
  • Original sound recordings made by Ex´cess Records 2012


  • Rasmus Jørgensen, Michael Miller, Thomas Torrens, Finn Jansen
  • Carsten Lund, A. P. Hansen, Lone Florin Jessen, Tomas Jacoby
  • Bob Thunder, Flemming Hansson, Palle Svendsen, Karin Axelsen
  • Kirsten Nersting, Carina Reheimer, Jan Weincke
  • Kim Hagemann, Jan Nielsen, Johnny Bendtsen, Susanne Storm
  • Morten Voers, Jacob Fox, DAF and all who have supported us so far
  • Sponsored by the Danish Artist Union